Reggae Radio Station

Reggae Radio Station

Check this reggae radio station. It’s a new radio station that we have created.

Thank’s to everyone



A tribute to Sicily from a cuban singer…listen this…
Sicilia: via @youtube



This earrings are made with coconut hand worked and cherimoya seeds

Segunda propuesta

Este es el cartel con algunos cambios.

This is the poster with some changes


Poster time

Este es un cartel que hemos creado para nuestra ” pequeña marca”. 

This is a poster that we have created for our “little brand”

Hope you like 🙂



Hola gente,

estas piezas están hechas con coco cortado, pulido y pintado a mano. Nos gusta reciclar cosas que nos ofrece la Madre Naturaleza. Esperamos que os gusten.

Hi people,

these stuff are made with coconut cut, polished and hand painted. We like recycle things that Mother Nature give us. We hope you like.


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